Assistant Vice President Capital Markets – Planning Department – $100,000

Leading international finance and banking firm seeks a candidate to work in the Capital Markets Planning Department with derivatives business experience and the ability to strategically assist in planning in the midst of dramatic changes in regulations. Ability to take adequate action and adopt to any regulation change in order to keep the business functioning is necessary. The desired candidate will have experience in the derivatives business, with skills monitoring the derivatives regulations and proposing strategies to Management for meeting regulatory requirements.

Key Responsibilities include monitoring derivatives regulations such as CFTC rule, and report on changes, strategize to meet the requirements from regulators and propose adequate actions to Management, and consider the influence or impact from the viewpoint of Compliance and propose adequate actions to the Compliance group

Requirements – A minimum of 5-6 years of relevant experience, with a basic knowledge of the derivative business industry with a Bachelor’s degree or

ability to read and understand the regulation material or announcements issued by regulators, and the ability to analyze them in a timely manner.

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